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Whose Fighting Your Battle?

The Lord layed on my heart 2 Chronicles 20 this morning.  The story of Jehosophat.  They were faced with an enemy they could not least not without the help of the Lord.  They fasted, diligently sought Him.  The men all stood before the Lord.  It says "The Spirit of the Lord came upon them".  WOW!  They sought His presence and HIS guidance, not their own! He told them "DO NOT be afraid! Don't be discouraged! The battle is Not yours, but God's." 

I want my every battle to be His!  I can't face my enemies alone.  I can't fight my battles without HIS strength, because I don't have enough in myself to do it without HIS presence and HIS guidance!  I'm so excited that He fights for me! Praise the LORD!

Whose fighting your battles?

Are We Really Counting On God?

Just sitting here listening to a song by Desperation Band.  It's called "Counting on God".  Well this is about the 5th time I've listened to it this morning.  I want to count on God! Put all my faith and trust in Him and Him alone!  Sometimes the little things are what get us.  Maybe we don't have a lot of gas or gas money but the Lord is speaking to our heart about doing a visitation with someone.  We might not know what the need is, but for some reason the Lord wants us to say something.  Sometimes I find myself looking to MYSELF to get me through, when all the Lord wants is for ME to fully step out in faith, to fully trust in His ability to know what I need and to provide all those needs according to His riches in glory!!! 

So often I pray the Lord give me word, knowledge, and wisdom.  It amazes me how He knows just what we need to know and hear and when we needs to know and hear it!  He has been speaking to my heart about overcoming today.  I feel like it…


I've been reading in Jeremiah a lot this week.  He seemingly had a tough job that he didn't like very much. But as I read, I realize how much we are loved by our God. Over and over time and again, he gives us the opportunity to repent and get it right.  Even when we fail miserablly like the Isrealites did over and again, like WE do over and again, He is there to say, "Just be obedient"...just be obedient.  Why do we as Christians have such a hard time with obedience?  Are we lacking in our faith? Is that something we should examine? Like it or not, it takes faith to be obedient.  It takes faith to know that when God wants us to be obedient that it's for a reason and for our good.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Something to think about today.

Tell Me Something Good

I have a friend that one way she has lifted me up when things were tough (on her side OR mine) she always says "Tell me something good."  I love it! If you are struggling with negativity or because the way things are going now it's hard to focus on what is "good" makes you think.  Don't live on the past good thngs, what is good RIGHT NOW??? So...."Tell me something good."

The Journey of Paul

I have been reading a lot about the life of Paul this week. Wow...what a man that loved the Lord.  So much can be taken from his story.  That no matter what we have done in our life, we have a forgiving God that not only forgave, but USED Paul MIGHTILY!  So exciting to know that we too can be used MIGHTILY!

I'm also struck by the fact that no matter what Paul KNEW was ahead of him, he pressed forward for the cause of Christ.  He wasn't ashamed!  I want to be a modern day Paul.  A world changer. How about you?